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August 25, 2015 Natalie Veis Williams

As part of its enhanced eBook collection (Translation eBooks), Globalization Partners International (GPI) has published its latest educational eBook entitled "Quick Facts: The Arabic Language."

The Language and Locale Quick Fact eBooks series contains a collection of Translation eBooks covering and curating information on languages, locales, cultures, writing systems and translation services by country.

GPI_Arabic eBook_2

In the Arabic Language Quick Facts eBook you can learn:

  • Arabic Language Tips and Facts

  • The Arabic Writing System

  • Middle East Languages and Locales: Essential Facts

  • Useful Links to other Language Resources

Below is a summary infographic to provide you with a snapshot of the information found in GPI's latest eBook. You may also download the full eBook at Quick Facts: The Arabic Language.

Quick Facts: The Arabic Language INFOGRAPHIC


Further Resources on Arabic Localization, Arabic Globalization and Arabic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Globalization Partners International (GPI) has extensive experience localizing marketing materials, technical documents, and large, scalable websites into the Arabic language. Due to increased demand for projects in Arabic and other BiDi scripts, like Farsi, we have posted a number of useful guides to best practices in this area. Feel free to review our blogs that are particularly relevant:

Please feel free to contact GPI at with any questions about our language and technology services.  Also let us know if you have any interesting blog topics you would like us to cover in our future blogs. 

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